The Home of Chicken Dinners and other good tidings.

The Thinking Chicken page is not all about chicken dinners (or what that studious bird has on his mind). Instead, it's about those good times that we sometimes forget to remember, those times when life was about as good as it can be. When I think about our chicken dinners and the good stories told around the table, my thoughts drift back to those happy times. The total experience of our past and the memories it serves up to us,  make it one of the best parts of our lives.

I'd be less than honest if I said that I know exactly what this web site will finally look like. I want it to be decent and honest with a good measure of humor, and to provide an opportunity to share our memories of the good times. I hope that the content  will grow and provide a means to recall the good things that we have experienced, like those chicken dinners with our families. Please click my links and stay for a little while.


More than 15 years ago, I developed a descriptive schedule of the old fashioned chicken dinners held at the country churches in the rural areas of southeastern  Indiana. Family and friends kidded me about my "Chicken Dinner Page" and thought that my interests were strange and out-of-date. But, when they accepted my invitation to join Edith and me at one of the dinners, we almost always had  new converts to this "country style" form of dining. This list of these dinners, kept on the Web, was the start of my interest in the Internet .

The food is wonderful at the churches, but chicken dinners meant more than feeling satisfied after eating that last forkful of food (usually someone's home-made fruit pie). It was that good feeling that I recalled from those Sunday afternoons when Mom would cook her one big meal of the day. Many times it was chicken and dumplings, hence my page name: "Thinking Chicken", thinking about Mom's chicken. I also fondly remember those really special times at the holidays when family relatives and friends would come together to enjoy the food and drink of the season and catch up on all the news.



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