Ankum Pictures

John, Carl, Willi (Heinrich's son) and Heinrich in front of Willi's new Mercedes tractor trailer.

St. Nicholas Catholic church in Ankum where Mom was baptized.

Agnes, John, Heinrich and Carl on the Lager's patio planning our return trip to Munich.

John and Andrea (Willi's daughter) in the hunting trophy room. Andrea just turned 18.


Edith, Carl, John and cousin Lisa in her living room (she has the same picture as we do in Cincinnati).

The farm house where Mom was raised. You can look across the fields and see the church in Ankum.

Cousin Willhelmina and her husband Herman, Carl, Edith, John, Monica and Nadine (daughter and grand daughter).

We stopped to see the Goose Girl on the Romantic Highway. This is probably as close as John got to a little lovin'.

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