Chicken Dinner Diary 

I will write some notes about the chicken dinners at the churches that I visit throughout the year and post them to this page.
Click an entry below to read what I had to say. (I have gone to more dinners than this but didn't get around to writing about all of them.)

Sept. 6, 2004 St. Peter Church Brookville (near) IN  
August 15, 2004 St. Pius Church Ripley County IN Near Sunman
August 8, 2004 St. Paul Church New Alsace IN  
July 26, 2004 St. Aloysius Church Shandon OH Email from Church Dinner Fan
July 25, 2004 St. Martin Church Yorkville IN  
June 6, 2004 Queen of Peace Millville OH  
Nov. 2. 2003 St. John Church Dover IN  
Sept. 14, 2003 St. Michael Church Brookville IN  
Sept. 13, 2003 Macedonia Christian Okeana OH  
Aug. 17, 2003 St. John Church Cincinnati OH Colerain Twp
Sept. 1, 2002 St. John Church Enochsburg IN  
Aug. 11, 2002 St. Aloysius Church Shandon OH  
June 9, 2002 Assumption Church Cincinnati OH Mt. Healthy
May 19, 2002 St. Catharine Church Cincinnati OH Westwood
Sept. 16, 2001 St. Louis Church Batesville IN  
Sept. 9, 2001 St. Mary Church Aurora IN  








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