Other Chicken. There are some pretty good restaurants in this area that serve deep-fried chicken year-around at reasonable prices. My favorite (Red's) burned down a few years ago. We've probably have gone to a half dozen of them through the years. They're not always fancy but you normally will not be disappointed with the chicken.


If there is no church dinner for a particular time and you have a hankering for a drive in the country capped off with a chicken dinner, look over this list of dinners compiled by some nice ladies from the area. It's referred to as the "Chicken Trail" and consists of 30 restaurants. For the details, simply click this link:


Just a few comments on some of the ones that we've been to:

Cedar Grove Tavern sits right in the middle of this little town and has entertainment Saturday night. I recall that they may not have chicken every night but it's their Saturday special.

Hearthstone is a well known name and has been there for many years; they serve family style chicken.

Old Brick Tavern is easy to miss. It's just past the stop sign at the Rt.101 and 46 intersection and is close to St. John UCC.

St. Leon Tavern is right across from St. Joseph Church and is a little difficult to find because there is not much signage.

Cricket Ridge has a good salad bar and is located on the golf course.

Wagner's has family style chicken. Mom went here with her sister and friends from Lawrenceberg. It's in Oldenberg where the street names are German-inspired.