Dave's Adventure in Germany 

The final assignment  of my GE Capital IMLP (Information Management Leadership Program) was at a German Re-insurance company, which was a recent acquisition of GE Capital. It is located in Munich and my term was extended from six months to about a year. I arrived in March and  was able to enjoy Octoberfest as well as lots of skiing in the Alps. On a clear day, I could see the mountains from the city. I met some very nice people in Munich, which made my stay even that more special. My friends Mads and Claudia came to Cincinnati the following year to be with Angie and me when we got married. 

I had a great apartment, very close to the center of things. Travel was easy and the subway and streetcar were close by. Mom and Dad and John visited me for four weeks in June 1997 and John stayed a month or so longer. The two of us took a week-long trip to Ireland and he returned home from Dublin in August. We had a great time together. Dad's parents were born in Germany, and I had a chance to meet his cousins from Heidelberg.

I've posted some pictures from the Munich area and from some of my trips.

Munich apartment and the neighborhood.
More Munich and the Alps.
Other European Locations.
Ireland, the other half of my roots.
Paris, the city of lights.
The German fam
, a link to my Dad's page.