Vacation Pictures of the German Family

When in Germany, I had the opportunity to visit all of my cousins. I am a first generation American in that my mother and father, Carl and Hermine, came to this country from Germany and became United States citizens. They did not know each other in Germany and came from separate areas. They met in Cincinnati and married in their early 20's.

Dad came from Heidelberg in central Germany. Heidelberg is a beautiful town and very popular with tourists. It has a well-known University and is the setting for the Student Prince operetta. The castle on the hill is close to town. The residence where my father lived still stands and is located in the old town not far from the University.

He had a brother, Hans and a sister, Margaret. Hans had two daughters, Doris and Ursel. Doris Flowers is a US citizen and lives in Orlando. Ursula married Erich Ruth and lives in Bad Schoenburg, just a short distance from Heidelberg. They arranged our visit and we had a very good time. Margaret Huth had two sons, Gerhardt and Werner. Gerhardt lives in Heidelberg and is married to Erna. Werner lives nearby and is married to Margurite. (Note: sadly, of the Huths, only Werner survives.)
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Mom came from Ankum, near Osnabruck, in northern Germany, not too far from the Holland border. This primarily is a rural area and the sandy soil is ideal for potato farming. Her father owned a farm and, at that time, all of the children helped their parents with the business. The farm house where she lived is still in use.

She is one of six children of the Lager family, four of whom came to America. Bernadine Groh, her sister, lived to be 99 years old and resided in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, where she and her husband Henry operated  Lawrenceburg Bakery. Two brothers, Adolph and August, also came to the US as young men and lived in Cincinnati.

Her brother Wilhelm had two sons, Heinrich and Ludwig, and a daughter Wilhelmina. Ludwig lives in Cincinnati. Heinrich, married to Agnes, lives in Loeningen which is close to Ankum. We stayed at his house during our visit, and we had a very good time. The remaining brother, Heinrich, married Lena and had two children, Lisa and Albert.
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