Trip to Ireland
In July 2001, I went on a tour to Ireland with Edith and my sister Anne and her husband Bruce.  My sister and I share parents who immigrated from Germany, and each family has taken vacations to the "Heimatland". Now it was "payback time" for the spouses, the Duffy and McBreens. This time we were "armed" with both a laptop and digital camera. We sent emails to our friends and snapped digital pictures. Click a day or so below and share our time in Eire. Note: recent picture additions are marked with a red asterisk (
*); these are scanned photos.

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Trip to Colorado
In July 1999, I "retired" a little more and went from a four day week to two days. To celebrate this big event, Edith and I took a three week vacation to Colorado. We took Dave's laptop with us and wanted to keep in touch with the family, particularly Edith's Mom. It's easy to add people to the mailing list, and we sent email to about 30 people. We usually never missed a day, and it was mainly my job to do the writing. I hadn't looked at the trip diary for two years, and it was fun to relive the trip. Click on a day or so below to get a feel for our trip.

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