Munich apartment and the neighborhood.

Dad and John standing near the entrance to Dave's apartment.

The flower store at the corner of my street and Frauenstrasse, about 20 yards from my apartment. Cross the street and you are at the Viktualienmart, one of the oldest locations in Munich and a very popular open air market.

John in the apartment's garage. My Blue VW Passaut is on the top of the two-level, space saver parking deck. He had to turn the switch to lower the car (so he could go out and get lost in traffic).

One of the small statues in Viktualienmart.


These four pictures were all taken at the Viktualienmart. They once beheaded people at this square (I haven't noticed any such activity lately except maybe knocking the head off a beer).

The small beer garden surrounded by a variety of food stands. An authentic Bavarian beer garden must be shaded by hemlock, or buckeye, trees.

The May pole at dusk. It's a big one.


Dad would buy beans, potatoes, onions and strawberries here for use in his famous meals.

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