More pictures from Munich and a few from the Alps

Dad, Dave and John lifting their steins at the English Gardens. This was our favorite place for beer and something to eat. The soft pretzels are the best in town and the beer comes only by the liter.

The Rathous (city hall) at Marienplatz.The glockenspiel plays at 11 a.m. and 9 p.m.

Street singers at Marienplatz. All of this is within 5 minutes of my apartment.

Also close to my apartment, this is the view from the top of one of the many churches.


Mom and dad by the Hoffbrau haus; they finally learned to save their beer drinking for the evening.

Dave and John on top of the mountain in Garmish. They took the cable car to the top.

The band strikes up a tune in the Hoffbraus Haus, ooom, pa ,pa…

Mom and John on top of the mountain at Garmish.

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