One of my favorite movies is "What About Bob" with Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus; it lifted my spirits when I was feeling low. Bill Murray is the psychotic patient of Richard Dreyfus, psychiatrist and author of a new book, who was duped into accepting Murray as a new patient. Murray, with his impish smile, somehow follows Dreyfus and his family to a vacation retreat, wins over the wife and kids and refers to them as "the Fam". Ever since, I referred to the four of us as the Fam.

  The Heilmann Fam: Carl, Edith, David and John

The four Heilmanns all have a UC connection.

Carl Heilmann

Carl Henry Heilmann graduated from the Business Administration College in 1958 with a BBA degree. For 10 years he was in the retail baking business with his father (he can still make a great looking birthday or wedding cake.) He came back to UC in 1969, this time as an employee. He met Edith in Procter Hall (she was the librarian and he was a programmer) and they married in April, 1970. Their wedding reception was at the University Faculty Club. He worked at the university for more than 30 years. He then worked part-time at UC for 6-7 years and fully retired in early 2006. Email Address:

Note: each year we send a Christmas card-picture and letter. Here's the year we were the "American Gothic" fam.
(You will find more pictures below.)

Edith Heilmann

Edith Duffy Heilmann (who was born in Brooklyn and traveled the world with her Mom and her Dad Col. James Duffy, US Army, ret., and her sister Mary) received her undergraduate degree in 1965 from Ohio State in education. She received her graduate degree in 1968 from UC in history and has continued to take courses at the College of Education. After David and John reached school age, Edith returned to work as an elementary school teacher at St. Williams School in Price Hill. She taught the fifth grade there for 20 years. She left St. Williams to become a computer teacher and retired in 2011 from her part-time teaching position at St. Al's on the Ohio.

Over the years, Edith has moved from electric typewriters to memory typewriters to the basic Apple PC and eventually to a laptop, iPad and iPhone. She slowed down a little in 2013 when she hurt her shoulder but continues to be active. She still works with students, primarily helping them as a tutor, both children and adults. Edith is a volunteer at the Price Hill Historic Society and also has a big project going on to document the Porter-Duffy genealogy. Email Address:

David Heilmann

David Joseph Heilmann graduated from the College of Business Administration in 1995 with majors in Information Systems and Finance. He's a west side kid who graduated from Elder High School. Many people from the West don't even like to cross the Western Hills Viaduct but Dave did more than that. After a summer internship in 1994, he was offered a job with GE Capital in their management-training (IMLP) program. This involved five different work assignments over a two and a half year period at different locations including: the GE Capital Corporate Tax Office and later the Corporate Technology Office, both in Stamford Connecticut, the Harvest Insurance Company in Orlando Florida and a GE-owned reinsurance firm in Munich, Germany. Upon completion of the program, he took a permanent job in Richmond Virginia at another GE-owned insurance company to support their marketing efforts.

In the meantime, his friends from school started the local Up4Sale Internet auction company, which was subsequently acquired by eBay. Dave came back to Cincinnati in 1998 and  joined this group of friends to work for eBay. He now works for SparkPeople, a fairly new Web-based business started by Chris Downie, one of the original Up4Sale founders. Dave bought a house on Kreis Ln. in Price Hill and married Angela Newberry in July 2000. John was the best man. Angie also graduated from UC and taught junior high at the Fairfield school district, and we are very happy to include her in the Fam. Angie finished her course work for a graduate degree and Dave earned his MBA from Xavier (we try to not hold that against him.) Angie takes care of their son Luke Henry and daughter Carly Anne and works part-time in the library at St. Veronica School. They moved to the East-side of Cincinnati to a house with a nice fenced yard that both the children and (their snuggly little dogs) Otto and Gretchen enjoy. Email Address

John Heilmann

John Joseph Heilmann  finished his graduate work in the Communication Disorders Program in the College of Allied Health Sciences in 2000. He's also a west-sider who graduated from Elder. John lived at the Sigma Nu fraternity house on Clifton Ave. as an undergraduate student and moved to his brotherís house a short time after graduation. John gave (sang) the graduation speech for his college, the first year of its existence. He was "evicted" from Dave's house when Dave and Angie got married. John was the best man. He then lived  in Clifton, not far from work.

After earning his graduate degree, he landed his first ďreal ď job at Childrenís Hospital-Cincinnati as a speech therapist. This was Johnís first choice and he really liked working with the kids. He always had his eye on a PhD and left Cincinnati to take the plunge. He completed his course work at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, finished his dissertation and got his Speech Pathology degree in 2004. When John was in Madison working on his school stuff, it surely didn't seem like all work and no play. When he called home there wasn't a lot of talk about school. Instead, it was about his kayaking, camping, fishing (trout, bass, ice, walleye, and more), the golf league, community garden, making homebrew and on and on.

The fam had traveled to Wisconsin for two summers to vacation with John at a cabin on Lake Redstone. It's a great place to fish and enjoy the outdoors. However, there was no fishing trip in 2005. Instead, we attended John's wedding when he married Beth Simon who he met in Wisconsin. His brother Dave was the best man. Beth is also a therapist and worked at the University's speech lab. We had two boys for a number of years. Now we also have two girls, Beth and Angie. We couldn't be happier to have them join the Fam.

John got his first teaching job at East Carolina University (ECU) in Greenville NC. They bought a very nice house outside the city with large pine trees in a fine yard. Before you knew it, two sweet baby girls were born: Claire Isabella and Anna Caroline. It's always difficult to leave a job where everyone gets along but an opportunity came about in Milwaukee and he now teaches at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (UWM) and became tenured in 2014. Their Fam is settled in and they have a nice house North of Milwaukee at Fox Point, not far from the lake. We like it better too since we can drive to their house in 8-9 hours (we drive slow) vs. the two-day trip to NC. Email Address:

Here are a few pictures of the Fam:

Dave and Angie   2000 Luke Henry at two John and Beth    2004
Luke, Carly, Claire and Anna in 2010 The annual Christmas picture for 2013 (American Gothic revisited)

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