The Man. Somehow, I got tagged with this name at work. I can't remember who gave it to me and I don't quite know what it's supposed to mean (I'm probably better off not knowing certain things). The picture was taken outside Blegen library at UC. I think I'm a lot friendlier looking than the man cast in bronze behind me.

Carl Heilmann

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Hi. I'm Carl Heilmann. I've worked with computers for 30 plus years at the University of Cincinnati but was never the nuts and bolts kind of guy. I preferred working on the management and design side of the business. With the advent of PC's and inexpensive software, computing suddenly became a lot of fun for me, especially when compared to what it was like working with "big iron" for so many years. Gee, now I can sit at my PC and create pages such as this, and compose documents, spreadsheets, graphics and more without the need to deal with all of the rules set down by a central computer facility. What a wonderfully free and uplifting feeling. I can even maintain a Web site such as this with little assistance.

I live on the west side of town. It's a community called Delhi. It has lots of hills, flower gardens, sport fans and the College of Mount St. Joseph. It's close to the river and to Greater Cincinnati Airport, which is on the other side of the river in Kentucky. I lived in a four bedroom house at 447 Hillbrook Dr. for 20 years. This is where Edith and I raised our two sons David and John. In 1996, with both boys gone, we moved to another house. It also has four bedrooms and is somewhat larger. It is located at 441 Hillbrook Dr., right next door. People on the west side tend not to move far from home.

Our oldest son David was on work assignment in Munich Germany for GE Capital and lived in a very nice apartment near the center of things. Being the ever-good parents, we spent four weeks with him in the summer of 1997. John came along and then stayed another six weeks. It was one heck-of-a-good time. There's a lot to do around Munich and we used Dave's rental car to take many day trips. The weather was wonderfully cool with a good number of cloudy days (the Alps were always partly hidden). The food was wunderbar and we sampled all of the region's beer and then some. 

Both of my parents came to the USA from Germany when in their teens. So, while there, we visited Heidelberg and northern Germany to track down all the cousins. All of us spoke some German and when Edith had a few drinks, her Deutch flowed like pilsner in a beer garden. This was 15 years ago, but I mention it here because it was such a wonderful time in my life.

There is a little more information about us on the Fam Page and about our trip overseas on the German Fam Page. These pages are found in The Fam link and also listed below..

Dave's German Adventure

I fully retired in 1996 and have no single burning passion. My main interests seem to change periodically. I'm always interested in going outside and trying new things in the yard. The latest is growing banana trees that I got from my friend Fred, but I'm not getting a lot of encouragement from the lady of the house. I've spent a good amount of time in the creek in my back yard trying to save the banks and the big trees by stacking rocks to form protective walls. I wonder if this is why my back hurts? Hmm. l must admit that this project is a little strange and futile but my family is polite enough to not put it in those terms.

Speaking of family, I'm always ready to give advice, especially financial advice, and emphasize the merits of saving. My Dad read financial publications for as long as I can remember and I have subscribed to the same ones since I've been married. Edith reads novels and I read the financials and I'm accused of not reading. (Hey, I did read The Godfather didn't I?) I'm currently doing a little genealogy but it's slow going, especially when dealing with the old German script. I'm reluctant to talk about my golf game since my score is bad and has hardly gotten any better during the last ten years. I usually always play with my friend Steve, also from UC. Despite the lack of progress, I keep swinging furiously at the golf ball and always come off the course with a happy heart.

I guess that everyone who retired has a lunch group and I also have a few. The UC group meets monthly and likes to go to the Bromley Yacht Club on the Ohio River during the summer. My Air Force group meets monthly at Willie's in Covington. We belonged to a Air National Guard unit in Blue Ash and were activated during the Berlin Crisis in 1961, a long time ago. That time in Germany was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had. I also lunch with cousins George and Bruce who think they know something about fishing. Ha! Oh, and I don't want to forget about our OPEC group (Older People Eating Cheaply.) It's comprised of friends whose parents were friends and came from the old country. It's dinner at a restaurant and drinks and dessert back at the host's  house. And yes, Edith and I do eat at home and I'm the cook, a pretty good one I must admit.

Sept 2011

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