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Carl passed away peacefully in April 2023, you can read his obituary here. The staff at Thinking Chicken will miss him dearly. We plan to do a final update to the site this summer, so everyone can still find the general weekends and information on dinners. If you go to a dinner this year, raise a piece of dark meat for Carl.


Chicken dinners at many of the churches are still not back to their traditional format, most likely because of lingering concerns about the COVID-19 and the uncertainties of future. It’s been more difficult to get information from my usual sources. I will continue to do my best to get accurate information for the dinners but there may be a glitch here and there or the church may make changes after this Web page has been updated.


My original computer programs that I used for are no longer supported. That's one of the reasons the traditional format for listing the dinners is no longer used. I had to change to another software system and a new web host. I know that some of you print these pages, and this software didn’t do a good job of that. But the chicken schedule was changed to a P DF format, which should allow it to now be printed. But you will find it to be in an abbreviated form. 


Around 25 years ago I started this Thinkingchicken site to provide a little extra support to the efforts of these hard-working people at their church dinners. Well, the “Chicken Man” is no longer that younger man who first published this information in 1995. SO, THIS WILL BE THE LAST YEAR THAT I WILL BE MAINTAINING THIS WEB SITE.

But many of these dinners take place the same time each year. By using the Internet and keeping a printout of my schedule should give you a good starting point for any research you want to do on your own. I’ve enjoyed doing this and hope that you continue to enjoy taking a ride in the country and having a dinner at the churches.

Best regards,


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