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Chicken Cam - St. Lawrence in Lawrenceburg, 2015

My Mom and my Aunt Bernadine worked at this dinner years ago and I was best man at may cousin's wedding at this church so I feel a connection. It's funny that we met a friend of Edith's when we got in line, someone she assisted with his presentations of George Remus. My camera happened to running inadvertently and I had a recording of the initial conversation. I left that in this video and the picture is of the wall or floor.

But the rest of the movie is as planned and we weren't seated as normal and instead sat with Mark's family. They had already eaten and the servers brought us fresh bowls of food. I love the dinners with bread dressing and found myself with whole bowl fresh from the kitchen. Mmm mmm good!

I especially like family style dinners since they usually seat you with strangers and you get to pass the plates and meet someone new. And we met some people from the west side of Cincinnati who we never met before. And they were happy to meet the "chicken man" and he was happy to meet them too. And the food was great too. Perfect day I'd say!

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